Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our first Baseball game

Aaron surprised us by getting tickets to see the Sacramento River Cats playing at Raley Fields in Sacramento.   This was both Noah and I first game.

We had fun there is lots of crowd participation.  Lots of family there and perfect weather.

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Meeting of the Greats

Noah meets Great Great Uncle Larry. So we got together as a family over food and had a wonderful afternoon. 

Great Auntie Cyndi showing love to Noah.

                                               Noahs Great Great Grandma otherwise known as "The Great"

                                                     A yummy dinner provided by Grandma Wendy

                                               The Dinsdale Men from oldest to youngest.

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California State Fair with the Family

Myra invited us to the California state Fair. 

We met The Great, Grandma and Auntie Cyndi at Myra's house.

                                   Below cousins Elliot, The Great and Noah

                                                    Hall of Superheros Spider Baby

                             Wonderful weather, we went early and missed the major heat.

                                                                Noah with Grandma

                                                                Fair food WOW!
                                                Noah  met horses, sheep and pigs for the first time

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Busy weekend

Last weekend we had a full weekend. Noah coped really well. On Saturday we had Aaron's work picnic at Sly park, then we headed over to Ashleigh Cunninghams 50s themed baby shower. Aaron helped cook and Noah had some face paint fun. On Sunday we went to Dixon to see baby Wyatt. Aaron's brother had a baby. Julie ( mamma) and baby are doing well. Ill let the pictures do the talking.

Sly park Aaron's work picnic BBQ above.

Cunninghams baby shower and face paint.

Proud mamma and daddy. Cousins.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Noahs First Cabin trip

 Last weekend was Noahs first family cabin trip.  A weekend spent being held by an adoring aunt, great aunt, grandparents, and a great!

The weather was perfect.  Always a little work to be done but the weekend was full of great food and company.

Sliding into games of solitaire, naps, the lake and laughter, as comforting as old sweater. Nothing beats a family weekend.

Noah got measured on the family door a tradition for all growing members of the family.

(photo credit Myra and Grandma)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Blog

Although this blog will remain my main blog I have started a new blog with the arrival of my son, called "Letters to Noah".

This blog is dedicated to my son and will be thoughts, events and lessons gleaned from being a new mum, each post will be in the form of a letter to Noah. 

Inspired by Kelle Hampton an amazing mother of 3. She writes with such love and positivity.  Her blog "Enjoying the small things" is a reminder to love each moment and each other.  I wanted to be positive too, but that doesn't come naturally to me, since becoming a mother I worry constantly, to the extreme! My son is such an unexpected miracle that part of me is afraid that this is too good to be true.  Instead of worrying about what might be and what could happen I have decided to create a place where I can recount my blessings, share the wonder of being a new mum and remember those special moments instead of letting them get drowned out by negatives.

If anyone has a letter to Noah, a memory, an introduction your welcome to submit.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


                                                                 My mother and I

While simmering away in my Clary sage and Lavndar Bath one of my final attempts to naturally induce labor my thoughts turn to the day of inducement. Only a day away now. 

I have the unwavering support of my wonderful husband who will be at my side, my constant attendant and  birth coach thanks to the information and guidance he received at our Bradly Method Classes a must for dads that want to be more involved and understand the process.

But something is missing. The presence of a maternal woman.  A mother. 

During my pregnancy the absence of my mother has hit me in way I never expected.  Now as I am about to give birth I feel it very much.  The absence of a women, a mother.  I feel I need the reassurance of experience, the understanding of a someone who has carried a child, sacrificed and given her everything push that life out and the solidarity of a women at my side. 

I have always had that maternal figure throughout my life in one from or another. When I was young it was my mother, she encouraged my creative side, birthed 9 children and became a sign of strength and endurance.  As a young adult it was Hazel who nurtured my spiritual growth and helped me heal from emotional scars. Now entering motherhood myself I feel absence of a mother figure when I yearn for it most.

It seems we never stop needing the comfort  and reassurance of a mother. Even if we think we can handle life without it, something comes along (like becoming a mother yourself) and pulls at those strings, the ones you thought you had cut years ago and reminds you of much you have to learn, how much you need guidance and how much you need that love that only a mother can give.